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Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Support

Budding entrepreneurs face numerous legal and regulatory challenges in setting up their new business ventures. TeamResearch provides consultancy services to such fledgling entrepreneurs and start-ups on the legality of their business plan / model, ongoing compliance requirements in the client’s specific industry, drafting contracts and providing a nuanced understanding of the issues involved in negotiating transaction documents. We partner with our clients to understand, solve and address their individual business needs. Our legal, document, research and business support services deliver transformative results, enabling clients to improve efficiency, minimize business and legal risks, stay ahead of the competition and save legal costs while remaining focused on their core competencies.

Reviewing the Legality of Business Models

TeamResearch works to ensure that the client’s preferred and most profitable business model can be achieved with the existing legal framework. TeamResearch not only helps you assess the legality of your choice of business model but also the viability of such models in relation to the applicable law.

Taking the First Step

A strong legal foundation is the bedrock of a new enterprise. We, at TeamResearch, conduct an extensive research on your startup requirements and provide you with legal advice to help you complete all the formalities of starting a venture (partnership, LLP or company), help you obtain the requisite Intellectual Property registrations and government licenses. TeamResearch simplifies the legal terminology and jargon to help you understand the law for the well-being and growth of your enterprise.

Ongoing Legal Compliances

TeamResearch can help meet the client’s ongoing regulatory requirements and identify the gaps between internal policies and complex regulations. We can provide compliance checklists for annual compliances under the Companies Act 2013, Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999, various labour and environmental legislations.

Drafting and Negotiation of Agreements

Contracts lay down the framework within which an enterprise operates. TeamResearch’s team of professional experts draft, negotiate and review contracts like lease agreement, employment agreement, consultancy agreement, founders agreement, term sheet, memorandum of understanding, non-compete agreement, non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement, service agreement, franchisee agreement, joint venture agreement, share subscription agreement, shareholders agreement, share purchase agreement, privacy policy and disclaimer for website.

24x7 Virtual Lawyer

We act as a 24x7 virtual legal assistant and provide online legal services to help you at every step of the journey. We provide complete flexibility and comfort in choosing the terms of engagement with us. Depending upon the nature of work, the clients may choose to enter into monthly retainer contracts or individual work assignments.

More Website Templates @ - July 28, 2014!