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Hw Do We Work

Majority of Team Research’s work is completed by in-house counsels who are highly qualified lawyers with a rich prior experience of working with in-house counsels and top tier law firms of the country. We have also assembled a team of meritorious students who are currently in their final or penultimate year of law school to undertake specific research tasks. Additionally, we hire industry experts and professionals with specific subject-matter expertise for organizing guest lectures and providing other services.

Our relentless commitment to the highest quality of work, attention to detail is what sets TeamResearch apart from other similar legal service providers. We subject every piece of research to multiple levels of internal checks which ensures that even the smallest of query is researched thoroughly and reviewed by subject experts before the final output is delivered to the client. Our impressive turnaround time can help our clients save precious time and resources that can then be invested in other core activities. Our management closely supervises every project to ensure authenticity, accuracy and timely delivery of work. Our service is efficient, personal and responsive with complete focus on client satisfaction. We also offer on call (phone) support to suit the requirements of the client and to offer customized legal solutions. We have robust controls in place to ensure 100% confidentiality of the client and security of client data.