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Legal Drafting

A well-drafted and meticulously formatted legal document is essential to make the right first impression before a client. Our researchers possess advanced reading and writing skills and a rich experience in drafting wide variety of legal documents ranging from petitions, affidavits, applications, legal notices to high-stake corporate agreements. We also draft course materials for e-learning service providers with an in-depth coverage of all subjects and instructional techniques creatively developed for an engaging and motivating learning experience.

Drafting of Corporate Agreements

We draft a wide range of commercial agreements like partnership deeds, franchise/ distributorship agreement, lease agreement, employment agreement, consultancy agreement, founders agreement, term sheet, memorandum of understanding, non-compete agreement, share purchase agreement, shareholders’ agreement etc. Besides drafting, our experts can also provide support in such areas as negotiations and administration, regardless of the volume or turnaround requirements.

M&A Due Diligence Services

In today’s complex business environment, an intensive due diligence process is essential in evaluating the viability and ultimate success of any prospective M&A transaction. Our Due Diligence services includes virtual legal due diligence via online data room, preparing a detailed profile of the target company, post-merger analysis and assessment, preparation of disclosure schedules etc. We also help target companies in preparing itself for a legal diligence.

Drafting of Petitions, Applications, Affidavits and Memos

TeamResearch’s litigation support service provides specialized drafts of legal documents in a time and cost-effective manner to suit the needs of individual litigants, independent practitioners, law firms and in house legal departments. TeamResearch strives to provide the best quality of litigation drafts while cutting traditional legal costs like never before!

Reviewing, Proof Reading and Formatting of Documents

At TeamResearch, we understand the importance of meticulous reviewing, proofreading and formatting of legal documents. Our team comprises of experts having in-depth legal knowledge and experience, who pay great attention to detail and scrupulously use their legal knowledge to proofread and edit legal documents (ranging from corporate agreements to litigation drafts). Every document undergoes a multi-level review to ensure a work product that is free of errors.

Drafting of Head Notes and Case Summary for Legal Publishing House

With a team of highly-qualified and experienced lawyers, we excel at drafting summaries and head notes for cases (ranging from easy to fairly complex and highly technical cases) in all fields of law for publishing houses and online legal databases. Our summaries are designed in a manner to make it comprehensible for laymen and lawyers alike.

Drafting of Course Materials for eLearning Service Providers

TeamResearch provides a comprehensive range of services to take care of all the needs of an e-learning service provider including drafting of course modules, reviewing/ updating existing course materials etc. While traditional learning material and texts tend to be more theoretical and often fail to elaborate on.