Legal Research and Analysis

TeamResearch assists their clients in their reports, articles, scholastic interpretations by providing analytical and reliable case law research, legislative review, multi-jurisdictional research to understand the interplay of local, national and international laws. This is achieved by using the latest online research tools and various other data sources to identify statutes, regulations and legislations. We can also translate dense legal subject matter documents into plain language, provide annotation services and summarize court cases for both laymen and lawyers.

Case Laws Search

We respond to a wide range of legal research requests from quick requests for cases to in-depth analyses of developments and trends. The research is tailored as per the individual requirements and objectives of each client.

Legislative Review

TeamResearch provides exclusive service in understanding and reviewing the new and old legislations. We offer to provide you a comprehensive analysis, authoritative interpretation and holistic review of the legislation which will help you understand new legislations faster and appreciate the regulatory environment.

Tracing the Evolution of a Legal Provision

Understanding the origin of a legal provision includes an enquiry into the legislative intent behind the provision, its jurisprudential foundations, reasons for its metamorphosis so on and so forth.

Research for Think-Tanks, NGOs and Policy Makers

We undertake exhaustive legal research and analysis to aid NGOs, Think-tanks and policy makers in preparing their reports and articles. We provide a comparative analysis of the law and legal framework of several countries to guide policy making.

Research for e-Learning Service Providers

With a team of highly qualified legal experts and access to the most reliable, authoritative databases, TeamResearch excels at providing exhaustive, in-depth research for e-learning service providers.

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