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Solutions for Law Schools and Law Students

TeamResearch offers intensive help and support to law students to cope up with the challenges of law school in order to ensure a memorable and holistic law school experience. We conduct orientation sessions to acquaint young students with the new law school life, and help them strategize their career plans in the formative years of their law school life. We also hire experts to organize seminars, academic guest lectures on various legal issues to suit the specific needs of the students and to bring the real world experience to the class room. We play the most important role in providing critical guidance to law students at each stage of their legal profession right from helping them build their resumes and securing the best internships to making successful LLM applications.

Orientation Services for Freshers

TeamResearch partners with professionals and experts to conduct an interactive and professionally managed orientation session for first year law students to familiarize them with the academic, cultural and social climate of the law school. Besides mass orientation, our experts also provide individual orientations and assist individual students with their educational plans, selection of courses etc.

Conducting Seminars and Arranging Guest Lectures from Experts

TeamResearch brings you not only the professional consultants but also the best and renowned faculty members from India’s best National Law Universities to conduct guest lectures on specific areas of law and provide in-depth knowledge to students. This method is designed to ensure systematic skill development throughout all colleges in India and to revolutionize the legal education curriculum. The lectures are also arranged on weekends to ensure that the students’ regular academic schedule remains undisturbed.

Providing Career Advice

TeamResearch does the necessary groundwork and offers critical advice to law students to help them procure the right internships and make other important career decisions in order to carefully shape the student’s career in a specific direction which will ensure maximum work satisfaction and growth.

Help with writing Statement of Purpose (SOOP)/ LLM Applications

A brilliantly written Statement of Purpose (SoP) and application is an essential pre-requisite to get admission in the best universities in the world. Unfortunately, the lack of guidance in this regard often causes students to fail despite the students having an outstanding resume and worthy grades in their undergraduate course. TeamResearch provides expert guidance to help students write a Statement of Purpose which is an accurate reflection of their academic merit, experience and goals. Moreover, TeamResearch brings you the experts who have been successfully admitted or completed a foreign LLM to help students shape their career.

On Call Support with Experts

We arrange on call (phone) counseling services for a broad range of areas like - Online law courses and diploma courses, navigating the law school life, moot court competitions, legal research and writing, internships, CV building, interviews, LLM application and other career options.